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Welcome to the new Pär Lindh homepage!

To my fans

I hope you are all safe and well in the midst of this corona virus crisis. In these times I´m working from my homestudio writing music, practising and helping family & friends with shopping food etc.

I´m happy to anounce that PLP is back again and will perform conserts as soon as things get back to normal!

I have also started together with David Lillkvist The Pär Lindh  two man Trio!  David on drums and me on piano, bass & drums.

On the classical side I´m writing both my first Piano Concerto  in c-minor of which I have performed the second movement a couple of times and the responce from the audiences has been just fantastic! I´m also writing on my first symphony which will have four movement.

News! I feel very honoured to have been asked to perform at the Emerson, Lake & Palmer 50 years tribut consert in Birmingham in october this year!

Welcome back my Friends to the Music that Never Ends!

Very best regards

Pär Lindh

Next upcoming album:  Pär Lindh Project New Studio Album in the works &  Live in Rio de Janerio where I still lack some tapes with some tracks before it can be finalised.