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Welcome to Pär Lindh homepage!

To my fans

I hope you are all safe and well in the midst of these turbulent times. I have now begun updating my homepage again.  I´m writing a lot of new music these days and after finished my first piano concerto ¨La Passione¨ which is a 45 minutes long work for full orchestra and piano I have now written a new harpsichord concerto in d-minor and more works are in process.

I´m trying to get PLP back on track again and me and drummer Svetlan Råket are recording new music for the next PLP studioalbum. William Kopecky is ready to lay down bass as well. However we are looking for a new singer and will try a female singer soon and see if that works.

So welcome back my Friends to the Music that Never Ends! This time we are coming back for sure!

Very best regards

Pär Lindh

Next upcoming albums:  Pär Lindh Project New Studio Album in the works plus a CD release of my pianoconcerto!