Pär Lindh has been given much credit for the renewed interest in symphonic and progressive rock on a worldvide basis the past twenty years. This due to the fact that he was the first chairman of as well as the main force behind forming the Swedish Art Rock Society Crimson in 1991 and also in organizing the first ever Progressive Rock festival that same year.

In 1993 USA followed suite with the Progfest-festival in Los Angeles where Pär Lindh performed as guestartist of Swedish legendary band Änglagård where he managed to draw the festivals first thunder of applause after his spectacular concertorgan solo five minutes into Änglagårds set.

In the wake of the success of these festivals many progressive rock festivals, progmagazines and progrock societies has since started around the globe.

Pär also started his band The Pär Lindh Project 1994 releasing progressive hit selling albums. Beeing the most successful new progressive band of the nineties PLP started a six year run of constant touring including headlining festivals in Europe as well as in both North and South America.

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