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For booking concerts

Book Pär Lindh Project ¨PLP Legacy & the Legacy of Seventies Prog Rock¨                       This program can be performed with a symphonic orchestra or and/with a choir or just as a keyboard power trio.

Book Pär Lindh performing his orchestra works

Book Pär Lindh for Lectures, Masterclasses and Education


Classical consert programs

Pär Lindh can offer you among others the following consert programs:

Four Hundred Years of Keyboard Music!

A Piano & Harpsichord recital with music from the last four centuries. Pär takes the audience on a musical journey through the history of keyboard music based on a number of groundbreaking works that changed music history. A truly entertaining and unique consert!

For the Organ

¨The Baroque & Progressive Organ¨
An unique consert with music from four centuries including works by Pär Lindh

¨Trés Vieux Jeu¨
A  program focusing on the gloriors early organmusic including works by Pär Lindh in the old style.

For the Harpsichord

¨The French Baroque pour Le Clavecin¨
A program of music from the great French clavecin tradition.

¨Pär Lindh Harpsichord recital¨
Playing his favorite baroque composers and pieces by G. Platti, G.F. Händel, J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, Louis & Francois Couperin and many others including works from his own pen.

¨Trés Vieux Jeu¨
A  program focusing on the gloriors early keyboardmusic including works by among others William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, Herr Anonymous as well as music by Pär Lindh written in the old style.

For the Grand Piano

¨The grand piano program¨
including works by Bartok, Gurdjieff, Platti, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Prokofiev and works by Pär Lindh including from his new pianoconcerto, improvisations and arrangements by Pär Lindh.

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